Derek Hough & Girlfriend Attend Private Party

Derek Hough, dancer featured on many Dancing with the Stars seasons, and his girlfriend attended a private party in Los Angeles, California. For many years people have thought that Hough was gay, but he clearly isn’t and hasn’t even wasted his time to try to address this issue. The dancer has dabbled in acting as he has starred in as Ren in the 2006 Footloose: The Musical in the Novelo Theatre in London. Be sure to follow Hough via Twitter @derekhough. Check out what other celebrity attended the same party and read Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Parties With Her Mother In LA to see what they were up too.

Engaged Miley Cyrus Says Bye Bye To Her Hair

Engaged Miley Cyrus choose to stun the Twitter world when she put up a new picture of herself with her hair shorter. She had well known hair cutter Chris McMillan shave all of her medium length locks off and she relish every single moment of attention she is getting. Ms. Miley Cyrus continues to try her best to step away from the wholesome little girl that many viewers view her to be. Everyone is totally hoping that she makes arrangements to wear hair extensions for her upcoming nuptials though, because that shaved head look is a little off. Ex Disney Star Miley Cyrus’ future husband has to be totally in love with her because that haircut is crazy. The image is via Miley Cyrus Twitter account.

Hanah Montana Cuts Hair

Tonight engaged Miley Cyrus made her mind up that she was going to cut her haircut. Crazy fanatics everywhere met the choice with anger. The word dashed through the Twitter world as Hannah Montana uploaded the photos of her newly trimmed haircut. Well known hair fashionista Chris McMillan magically made the deed of styling her hair to mixed lengths. While he kept Disney star Miley Cyrus’ All-American feel. All of Hollywood discusses her arrangements for her nuptials with Liam Hemsworth considering her new haircut. Either way both Billy Cyrus and her soon to be husband definitely loved her new hair style. The picture is courtesy of Twitter- via @MileyCyrus.

Dead Celebrity Body of The King of LA Riots Found In Swimming Pool

Just a couple of days ago a body was discovered in a swimming pool in Rialto, California and that dead body was of Mr. King. It has been broadcast that he passed away from accidently drowning. Rodney King is well-known by neighbors to enjoy after hours swims as they can the noises of him swimming around.

King’s soon to be wife is the woman who located her fiancés dead body and called the police. Capt. Randy De Anda on the case has stated to the news that Rodney King was just in the water for the time frame of 4 minutes right before he died. There was no drugs or liquor was discovered by the pool, but isn’t being passed on. Rodney King is known for being the African American guy who was viciously battered by several white authorties in LA, Cali which caused the most disastrous racial turbulence the U.S.A has ever seen.


Hip-Hop Singer K Michelle

Every since this amazing woman made a appearance on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” viewers have become infatuated with trying to find out some more history on this chick.  All we have is that Kimberly Michelle has a smoking hot body and an established music artist. She is also the loving mother of a small son whose father is said to be Memphitz, who has been said to have beat and stole millions of dollars from her recording deal to pay himself. K Michelle was offered a contract for Jive Records four years ago, but the recording company didn’t advertise her and she is currently out of that horrible recording deal. She devotes her time to continue going forward with her music career with no record label at this moment, but is appreciative of R.Kelly who guide her to be a talented artist over the last 4 years.

Star Couple Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp Split Ways

The past few months it was stated that the star couple were separated due to troubles in the companionship. Johnny Depp stated that the rumors were false and have stated in many news reporters that they are absolutely content with one another.

Sadly today, Johnny Depp’s representative verified that the Hollywood couple have called it off and told Entertainment Tonight “Please respect their privacy and, more importantly, the privacy of their children.” Mr. Johnny Depp and his long time girlfriend have been in a relationship for a little over 14 years and have two children, daughter Lily Rose, 13 years old and son Jack, ten years old. Currently, there is no info on what provoked the split has been confirmed.


Mr. Jack Osbourne Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Several days ago Mr. Jack Osbourne released via press that he has been living with multiple sclerosis. This report is devastating because he was told he had this disease just 2 weeks from the welcoming of his child. Press has been told that Osbourne brought to light about his disease during Spring.  Osbourne spoke to People magazine, “I was just angry and frustrated and kept thinking, “Why now?’” Mr. Jack Osbourne is 26 years old, and MD professionals have declared that most individuals are diagnosed in the age range of twenty to fifty years old.  MS is a serious disease that overall goes after the CNS aka central nervous system. Those with multiple sclerosis might have a percentage of vision lost, certain body parts might go numb and maybe even paralysis. MD professionals have expressed that with the correct treatment Osbourne can have a amazing life with many wonderful years.