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She was elected to Wasilla City Council in 1992 and became mayor of Wasilla in 1996. The youngest person and first woman to be elected Governor of Alaska, Palin held the office from December 2006 until her resignation in July 2009. Palin was born in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Is Romney Conservative Enough for Sarah Palin? [Election 2012] Everyone’s favorite pundit and reality star Sarah Palin has yet to endorse a Republican presidential candidate. (But Sarah, there are so many great options to choose from.) The Washington Times has an article about Palin’s appearance on Fox News Sunday, where she (predictably) pondered the question of Romney’s conservatism. More » [link]

Star Jones Is Pissed At Sarah Palin Star Jones Is NOT Happy

Pictures of Sarah Palin

From the time of her Vice Presidential nomination in 2008, Palin was considered a potential candidate for the 2012 presidential election until she announced in October 2011 that she would not run. Palin was born in Sandpoint, Idaho. During her senior year, she was co-captain and point guard of the basketball team that won the 1982 Alaska state championship, earning the nickname “Sarah Barracuda” for her competitive streak. After graduating from high school, Palin enrolled at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Concerned that revenue from a new Wasilla sales tax would not be spent wisely, Palin ran for mayor of Wasilla in 1996, defeating incumbent mayor John Stein 651 to 440 votes. Soon after taking office in October 1996, Palin eliminated the position of museum director and asked for updated resumes and resignation letters from “city department heads who had been loyal to Stein,” including the police chief, public works director, finance director, and librarian.

Star Jones Is Pissed At Sarah Palin Star Jones is NOT happy with Sarah Palin and her co-hosting duties.Apparently Star was watching the whole time Sarah Palin kept saying “lamestream media” (clever!!!!!!!!!!!) and was LIVID that she’s be so disrespectful to all the people around her.And the fact that she was a part of the “lamestream” media the whole time by co-hosting [...] [link]